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25.05.21 12:56 PM Comment(s) By Virtually Live Software

With the right tools...

There are many things that your marketing and management software and web system should be able to do. I have picked the top must have, things you should easily be able to do. Time is money, if your system can do the item, but not in 30 seconds, you are wasting valuable time that could be put to better use. Please review the list carefully. If your system allows you to do all of the items, you are in great shape.

In 30 seconds...

  • I know every product a customer has ever purchased from me.
  • I can tell you when we met, what the status is, what the next step is to close the sale.
  • I can let a customer know about a better product or service that might meet their needs.
  • I can let customers know about a complimentary product or service that we have to offer.
  • I know who is working on which account.
  • I know who sold the most last month.
  • I know which salesperson had no sales in the closing stage.
  • I know how many opportunities I am trying to close and what my closing ratio is.
  • I can pull up a mailing address list of all my top customers.
  • I can pull up an email address list of all my top customers.
  • I can pull up a telephone list of prospects to call this week.
  • I can create a work order out of a quote.
  • I know which tech is working on which jobs.
  • I can pull up my customer’s complete account info.
  • I can create and save a quote so that when the customer is ready to buy, I can pull up the quote.
  • I can turn a quote into an order.
  • I know the status of every order.
  • I can pull up a list of my top customers by sales dollar or sales volume.
  • I know which geographical region had the most sales last week.
  • I can pull up a list of all customers who purchased a certain product.
  • I can pull up a list of all the prospects and customers to send an invite to.
  • I can pull up a list of all prospects I need to contact this week to set up a sales meeting.
  • I can pull up a list of all customers who purchased from me last month to ask them how things are going.
  • I can see what we should be doing and when, with some of the tasks being done by system.
  • I know whether we are gaining or losing and where the bottle necks are.
  • I know how many web visitors I have had, what they view, how many signed up for something.
  • I can send out an email blast to my top customers.
  • I can view in real time a schedule of all the work orders and who will be working on it.

Managing and growing your business can be challenging, but with the right tools, you can do anything.

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