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Using spreadsheets for budgeting is old school

25.05.21 12:56 PM Comment(s) By Virtually Live Software

Zoho Finance Has Budgeting And Forecasting Built In

Using spreadsheets to do your budgeting and forecasting is old school. Good finance and accounting packages have budgeting and forecasting built in. This is important for the following reasons:

- Having budget and forecasting built in means you don't have two or more systems, no more double handling, no more inconsistent data, everything is in one central spot.

- At a push of a button you can see how you are doing verse what you forecasted so you can use the extra time to adjust your course as required.

- Accounting system can help to automate forecasting based on budget and actual income and expense.

- Days gone by we moved from paper and pencil to spreadsheets because of all the time saving built in functionality spreadsheets have but now all that time saving functionality is built into accounting software. 

- Using a spreadsheets is a time consuming bottleneck that takes time away from doing day-today business.

- Planning and budgeting tools reduce budget cycle times, streamlines data collection and gains in-depth visibility on budgeting and forecasting.  

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