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Why Cloud Technology and Automation Should Not Be Overlooked

22.06.21 04:32 PM Comment(s) By Virtually Live Software

Business Process Improvement

Cloud Technology and Automation

Change can be scary. For many of us, we prefer the tried-and-true approach. When it comes to cloud technology many businesses resist upgrading to it due to the fear of the unknown. Cloud technology and automation is just the next phase of what companies are trying to do. Process improvement to save time and money, better customer experience, and increased data security. It just takes a small shift in mindset to realize that the cloud is not a threat but a competitive advantage.

Save Time

Your team’s time and resources may be one of the costliest aspect of running a business. Cloud technology allows for automation of common tasks. Not only does this save time, but automation ensures that the tasks are handled consistently in a timely manor. An example of automation is sending out an invoice as soon as it is ready, then sending payment reminders, and seamlessly depositing the payment to your bank account all without human intervention.

Save Money

Saving time by definition saves money but you also save money by moving your operations into the cloud by not having to set up costly server and storage systems. As well this reduces the ongoing cost of repairs and maintenance associated with having your own servers.

Access To Real-Time Data

Having access to accurate and up-to-date data on things like cash flow is a huge benefit of cloud technology. Real-time data means that business can make informed decisions based on key business metrics. Since your data is stored in the cloud it means you can access it from anywhere, on any device.

Level The Playing Field

It is difficult for small business to compete against big businesses that have their own servers and dedicated IT staff. The cloud offers small business all the technology and automation that big business has. Not having all the technology and automation of big business can cause potential customers choosing not to do business with you as they are not able to perform the on-line conveniences that “Big Business” provide. Even banks, investors, or vendors feel more secure dealing with a business that embraces cloud technology.

Stay Secure

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to data protection the cloud is actually one of the safest places to store data. Desktop and servers require updates and maintenance and if not done in a timely, proper manor, it can open up huge security risks. The cloud has extra layers of login protection as well it can control who sees what. Another huge bonus is that your data is constantly backed up off-site reducing the likelihood of data loss. A business that losses its data has only a 5% chance of still being in business a year later.

Zoho Cloud Technology and Automation can take your business to the next level and beyond.

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