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What Is Business Software?

Business software is a group of business apps/software (platform) and tools working together so that the different departments can manage and run the business successfully. It also automates many repetitive tasks which allows the various departments to be more efficient and more effective. It is a management tool to monitor business process and to provide business intelligence. Software solutions can include everything from website builder, to customer relationship management, document management, to invoicing and accounting etc.

Business Automation

Running a business: All those daily tasks take up so much time!

Using an integrated business software system like Zoho, you save hours every week, get more done, and look professional doing it.

Many of your daily tasks can be automated as well as being able to schedule them to run at an appropriate time freeing you up to do what matters.

                Daily Tasks

                Sent welcoming email

                Send promotional email 

                Capture new lead

                Set up new lead meeting

                Email quote

                Send referral email

                Pay invoice

                Follow up on customer purchase

                And so on

Using Technology To Run a Successful Business 

How Can I Increase Sales?

You need more customers and/or your current customers have to buy more or more often.

How Can I Get More Customers?

Using a website builder you can easily create a winning website that attracts new customers. Do your research to find out what potential customers are searching for and then use SEO keywords and text to get your website listed on the top of the first page.

Your website should have a on-line chat function so you can answer your potential customers queries.

Your website should have a contact us page getting as much information about who the potential customer is and what info they are looking for.

When a lead fills out the contact us page it should go directly into a CRM so that it can be processed.

The CRM should send out a welcoming email to the lead, place the lead in the appropriate email campaign, and flag that the lead is looking for more info so that someone or AI responds to their request.

If your company uses a sales force, the CRM would assign the lead to a sales person and the system would put the lead into an appropriate automated workflow to nourish the lead into a sale.

Technology Used To Get More Customers: Website builder, On-line chat, CRM, email campaign

How Can I Get Customers To Spend More Or More Often?

Your customers are busy, like everyone else, and need to be reminded of what you can provide for them. Customers should be place in an appropriate email campaign based on their past purchases. The CRM can track the items a customer purchased. Depending on what you sell, it could be to buy more of the same or to buy a related product or service. You might be educating them on other things you sell or using social media to build your brand image.

If you have a e-commerce site, the site could let the customer know as they are adding items to their cart, additional items others have purchased when they bought that item.

Technology Used To Get Customers To Spend More: email campaign, CRM, social media platform, e-commerce

How Can I Effectively Fill My Sales Order?

When a customer places an order, whether it is online, by phone, or in person, the order needs to be filled. The sales order should trigger the inventory module of what needs to be filled, where to find the items in the warehouse, and what to do with the order such as bring it out front or who to mail it to.

Technology Used To Fill Sales Orders: e-commerce, CRM, inventory module, shipping software

How Do I Decrease My Business Expenses?

Automating common tasks can reduce labour cost along with allowing employees more time to get work done. Having the various apps integrated together not only saves time, but also make sure nothing gets lost or recorded incorrectly in the next system. Having real-time access to data allows quicker response to changes that need to be made.

Technology Used To Decrease Business Expenses: workflow automation, accounting system, integrated software apps

How Can I Mange My Business Finance?

After the order has been filled whether the customers picked up the items or a clerk filled the order, the customer has to be billed for their purchase. An invoice or POS would record the sale and get payment from the customer. If it is an on-line purchase an integrated payment processing system would take payment from the customer.  The sale would automatically go into the accounting system. A good accounting system should allow you to easily and effectively track the sales and expenses and produce the corresponding reports.

Technology Used To Manage Business Finance: CRM, inventory module, invoicing, e-commerce, online payment processing, accounting system

How Do I Manage The Operation Of My Business?

To run your business efficiently and effectively you need a number of tools. Of course you need an accounting system, but mail hosting, a way for the team to communicate and put resources in one easy to access spot. There could be projects that need to be formally planned and managed. There could be a centralized workspace as well as being able do web conferencing. Having a number of apps from different vendor can be confusing and inefficient, having one integrated system makes training simpler and employees can focus on working rather than figuring out how different software systems work.

Technology Used To Manage The Operation Of My Business: mail hosting, project software, document management, web/meeting conferencing software, chat

How Do I Monitor The Performance Of My Business?

To run a business successfully there are a number of "things" that need to be monitored to ensure the business stays on track. There is sales team performance, web site performance, sales and expenses and so on. A good system will automate performance monitoring as well as alerting you to potential problems. Having a dashboard that summarizes all performance metrics simplifies the task of monitoring performance and making adjustments accordingly. 

Technology To Monitor The Performance Of My Business: integrated performance monitoring software

How Do I Manage My Employees?

Managing your employees using spreadsheets and word docs is a monumental task. Having HR software that tracks employee info, attendance, vacation, sick time, benefits, and performance reviews can not only make you more efficient but it also documents everything about an employee so if there are issues it has all been properly documented.

Technology Used To Manage My Employees: HR management and recruit

What Is Business Automation?

♦ This is a group of business apps or software that can be used on their own or integrated together. Some of the more common apps are: invoicing, inventory, accounting, email hosting, project management, file management, and team communication.

Business Automation Examples



ABC company has employees that want to work from home.

Employees can work remotely anywhere on any device, desktop, tablet, or phone.

ABC company has many manual tasks across the organization and wants to be more efficient and effective.

Automate common tasks in sales, marketing, HR, or operations. Uses criteria, timing, and triggers.

ABC company has projects with no standardize way to manage them.

Manage your projects big and small and integrate them into CRM if applicable.

ABC company wants to monitor the performance of their organization.

Use analytics to monitor performance across your organization and then make changes accordingly.

ABC company wants an easy way to quickly create ad hoc reports.

Use AI to query all aspects of your organization quickly and automatically create a grid or report.

Business Apps

              Zoho Books -    Online accounting software, built for your business. Get paid faster, track expenses better, automated banking, and track inventory real-time.

              Zoho Invoice -    Online invoicing software for small businesses. Invoicing software that helps you craft professional invoices, automatically send payment reminders, and get paid faster online.

              Zoho Subscriptions -    Handle your customer subscription billing life cycle from end to end. Automate recurring billing, manage subscriptions, send professional tax-compliant invoices, and get paid on time.

              Zoho Expense -    Online expense reporting software, tailor-made for business worldwide to automate expense report creation, streamline approvals and make swift reimbursements.

              Zoho Inventory -    increase your sales and keep track of every unit with powerful stock management, order fulfillment, and inventory control software.

              Zoho Checkout -    Build a custom, branded payment page and start accepting payments online.                                                                                                                                                                            

              Zoho Mail - Secure email hosting for your business.

              Zoho Cliq -Streamline your team communication to move work forward.

              Zoho Projects - Cloud-based management software, helps you plan your projects, track work efficiently, and collaborate with your team, wherever they are.

              Zoho Sprints - Build right and ship on time. An agile online tool for product management teams.

              Zoho Connect - Team collaboration software that brings people and the resources they need to one place, making it easier to get work done.

              Zoho ShowTime - A single comprehensive platform to manage and run your training in your business (HR) or as a business. Build your brand, deliver meaningful training, and help empower the world.

              Zoho WorkDrive - Online file management for teams that work together. A secure, shared, workspace. Create, collaborate and make teamwork happen.

              Zoho Sign - A complete digital app for business signatories.

              Zoho Vault - Manage passwords and securely autofill them across websites and applications.

              Zoho Meeting - Web conferencing software for your online meetings and webinars.

              Zoho Workplace - Unifies and centralizes your team's workspace, simplifies file storage, and streamlines team communication.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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