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What is CRM Software

What Is CRM Software?

Their is a lot of information about prospects and customers along with required tasks to move a lead through the sales process so a CRM system is the central place to manage it. A CRM solution can be quite basic and easy to use for a small business all the way up to very sophisticated for a large organization. CRM can integrate with their website, e-commerce site, appointment booking, inventory, and accounting.

It automates many repetitive tasks which allows the sales department and customer service to be more efficient and more effective.

Zoho CRM platform

CRM Best Practice

  • Customize your CRM so that it fits your needs.
  • train your workforce to use it properly to it's fullest capabilities.
  • Lay down some rules on how the CRM is to be used, what information should be collected etc.
  • Rely on automation to do repetitive tasks as well as prompting action by the salesperson.
  • Ensure there is collaboration amongst the sales team so everyone knows who is doing what and nothing falls in the cracks.
  • Use analytics and AI to mine the data to make informed business decisions.
  • Keep it simple, customize the CRM so what you see is what you need without clutter of unused fields and features.
  • Adjust CRM policies as use finds new opportunities to be more effective and efficient as well as changing business opportunities.

CRM Adoption

  • Choose a CRM "Captain", someone who can lead the way to fully adopting using the CRM.
  • Invest in training employees and not all at once. Choose areas in the CRM to start using and only train that section.
  • Reward users who embrace using the CRM.
  • Adopt consequences for not using the CRM.
  • Align the use of CRM with company goals and objectives.
  • Senior management has to be on board on the use of CRM.
CRM Software

CRM Functionality

  • Conduct sales meetings and presentation from within CRM. Convert attendees to leads.
  • Track sales performance metrics.
  • Collaborate with your team, share insights, and keep everyone up to date.
  • Connect with prospects/customers by phone, email, live chat, and social media
  • Automatically trigger action tasks such as follow ups.
  • Stay on track with powerful, real-time analytics including current trends and future predictions.
  • User AI for smarter selling. Receive task reminders and alerts for best time to contact your leads based on past history.
  • Intuitive interface with minimal learning curve.
  • Wizards to import data from other sources.
  • Access it on both iOS and Android.

Zoho CRM Niagara

We can help setup and customize Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM Software