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What Is Sales Software?

♦ Sales automation is a number of sales apps (platform) and tools working together in real time so that the sales team can effectively sell to their customers. It automates many repetitive tasks which allows the sales department to be more efficient and more effective. The sales tools allows them to monitor sales performance close more deals. Team members can use lead management to organize their sales calls. CRM software can track leads generated so that sales reps don't lose any leads to falling between the cracks.

What Is A Sales Automation Platform?

♦ This is a group of sales apps or software that can be used on their own or integrated together. Some of the more common apps are: web site builder, e-commerce, CRM, and appointment booking.

Sales Automation Examples



ABC company wants prospect to be able to request more info from their website.

Prospect requests more info when on website and info goes automatically into CRM, CRM sends welcoming email and then prospect is automatically put into an appropriate email campaign and an automated follow up workflow.

ABC company wants to start selling online.

E-commerce site integrated to invoice, payment, CRM, and email campaign.

ABC company wants customer to book and pay for appointments online.

Customers can book and pay for an appointment online then the transaction is integrated into CRM and invoice. Invoice is integrated into accounting.

ABC company wants to offer online event booking and payment.

Online event booking and management system.

ABC company gets tons of phone calls requesting more info along with customers who would rather find out online and won’t phone them.Online customer support desk, improve agent productivity and promote self-service.
ABC company has customers calling in for support and they have no standard procedure, who ever answers the phone…Online customer support desk, improve agent productivity and promote self-service.

ABC company has a subscription service that is managed by hand with a lot of confusion.

Manage your customer subscription billing life cycle from end to end.

Client wants to collect data online.Online forms to collect data, view, analyze, and optimize.


Sales Apps

        Zoho Sites - Complete web site builder. Create your new web site quickly and easily. Stunning templates, seamlessly integrate with CRM, chat support, analytics, and marketing.

        Zoho E-Commerce - All the tools you need to build your e-commerce website, accept orders, track inventory, manage shipping, market your brand, and analyze your data.   

        Zoho Bookings - Let customers self- schedule and pay for appointments online. Sync your calendars, integrates into CRM and email campaigns.


Zoho Niagara

We can setup and customize the complete Zoho marketing apps.